We chose Schaf because...

Less is more. Schaf is a very to-the-point brand, and I love it! Less? Less irritants, less crap! Away with it, why would you? I have always struggled with flare-ups and break outs, and Schaf’s products contain a blend of plant extracts that have been formulated to clean, nurture and protect your skin. Oh, and there is more. Schaf specifically formulates its products to be suitable for all skin types and all people as the maintain a balanced state to matter the type of your skin or your gender. You can trust the three criteria they set out when starting Schaf; Simple, Safe and Effective. 


Schaf Moisturizer Schaf Moisturizer
Schaf Moisturizer
Regular price £27.00
    Schaf Body Lotion Schaf Body Lotion
    Schaf Body Lotion
    Regular price £19.00
      Schaf Age Repair Cream Schaf Age Repair Cream
      Schaf Age Repair Cream
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        Schaf Facial Scrub Schaf Facial Scrub
        Schaf Facial Scrub
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          Schaf Revitalizing Serum Schaf Revitalizing Serum
          Schaf Revitalizing Serum
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            Schaf Facial Cleanser Schaf Facial Cleanser
            Schaf Facial Cleanser
            Regular price £24.00